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For all your travel needs in Peru

Custom Page Styles

GavernWP makes accessible a few own styles of subpages. Thanks to them, it is possible to use WordPress possiblitities better  and adjusting pages to themes chosen.

All additional subpages styles are placed in a main catalog in template.*.php files. GavernWP has the following subpages:

  • template.archive.php – an archive page, in includes a list of recent posts, categories and a list of links to monthly archives.
  • – a page with a contact form which allows to send an email to an email address specified in a WordPress configuration.
  • template.fullwidth.php – a page’s layout without a sidebar.
  • – a page generating an animated gallery of images with a mechanism of attachments available in WordPress – it is enough to assign attachments to such a page that they will show as slides in a gallery. It is recommened to choose images with the same size.
  • template.login.php – a page generating a login form for users – after logging in, it displays information about his/her username and a button to log out.
  • template.tagcloud.php – a page generating a tag cloud of our website.

Main CSS styles of subpages are in a css/stuff.css file. However, you have to remember that some more extensive files of subpages may additionally load CSS and JavaScript files from css/templates/ and js/templates/.

In order to load additional files in this way, it is enough to specify the second parameter of a gk_load function (see: code of requesting a gk_load function in a file).

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